In this article will go through two types of server-client codes.

One is over synchronous (multi process package) and the other is asynchronous (asyncore package), they do almost the same thing, the asynchronous one is more robust, and data does not get lost.

Try it out on your machine, play with settings a bit and see the synchronous server limits and data loss.

Synchronous server using multiprocess package.

import multiprocessing
import socket
import time

HOST = ""
PORT = 9000

def handle(connection, address):

while True…

AWS Quicksight BI tool


Most business intelligence projects comes to help management view summarized data from company’s sources (applications etc.) and make better decisions as managers and decision makers.

In this case data comes from several web/mobile medical applications, on different topics, languages, media types, countries, units, etc.

Special case warning: Data can’t be reached by the administrator as it holds sensitive private medical data, so it must be anonymized before published (a subject for a different post).


  • Collect the data to AWS S3 bucket using cron job script (not AWS Kinesis-Firehose or Kinesis-Data-Streams).
  • Invoke AWS server-less lambda for indexing metadata of the data-lake.

Ohad Gazit

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